There aren’t any terms or conditions set by any team member employed by Edsafecure on any purchase made through the site.

Buyers should check with a medical professional before purchasing any medication available on Medicationvilla online. It is crucial to have an open dialogue with your doctor to be prescribed the most effective and most appropriate treatment to protect the consumer.

The pictures on the site regarding an item are provided intended for reference purposes and could be different from product to product in the individual.

The cost of the item listed on the website is dollars. United States dollars.

The price of the item listed below for each product could change when the seller is at their discretion.

Medicationvilla reserves the possibility of canceling an order or denying the service to other customers without providing an advance notice for the identical. If the customer has already made an order, we will make the total refund.

The information for each medicine is very generic. To use these medicines, it is recommend to seek counsel from a medical professional before purchasing the medication.

Medicationvilla offers absolute privacy for each customer by ensuring your personal information. The sole information we collect is to provide our customers with the best experience they could ever have.

Every purchaser who purchases medicine through our website is asked to sign up for an account with their email address and name. Reports can even be populated with the delivery address recorded and the payment method selected by the purchaser.

Once a user has registered, their account is confirm by sending an email confirmation to the email address provided.


In Medicationvilla, the user’s data must be collected through SSL encryption, protecting the information you’re investing in your personal space. No one can enter and take the client’s confidential information. Information such as card numbers etc., is stored in the database in an encrypted format and isn’t generally held in the site’s database, thus ensuring absolute security for customers.

Feedback and Comments:

Feedback sections on our website allow our customers to provide opinions about a particular product. You can also leave a comment on the policies we offer. Each email sent to us is replied to promptly.

Shipping and policy:

There is a shipping cost per order, and the price for each order is determined by the amount of weight placed. Most orders take ten days to arrive and must be placed while taking this timeframe into consideration.


The prices for shipping and customs can be changed at any time, and the prices listed show a variation and should be reviewed periodically. The packages are sent to the address of the home, PO address, etc. Mails sent via military mail typically require more time due to the intricate handling procedure of their correspondence. The shipping of each order is completed within two days.

Address of delivery:

The address entered in the order made through Medicationvilla is likely to be considered the default address. The speech could be altered at the time of check-out, as a selection affirms the delivery speech. The lesson that will be delivered is different from the total order and the time frame of this purchase. The drugs offered by Medicationvilla are generic. Medicationvilla generally does not have problems with the latest drugs, and the medicines available are incredibly generic.

Delays due to Customs:

Medicationvilla cannot assume liability for delays in the delivery if it’s imposed from your side through the country’s government. The delivery service of your country is out of the reach of Medicationvilla. If an order is not deliver within seven days following the delay, the refund or reshipment will be made by us in the event of a complaint.

Customs Charges:

It is possible to pay Customs fees in accordance with the regulations and rules that your government sets. This payment policy does not apply to Medicationvilla and is strictly your responsibility and that of your Customs Department of your country.

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