he cancellation policy and refund policy

Medicationvila is regarded as the most reliable pharmacy store that offers the highest satisfaction to each customer. The company puts 100% of its efforts into every order made by any customer, regardless of. We guarantee shipping of every product to ensure that it is deliver to our customers on time. We endeavor to settle any cancellation, refund, or cancellation policies for orders.

There are many reasons to end the order. The reasons are as follows:

A limited number of units are available to purchase.

Insufficient stock.

Issues that are identified in our fraud and credit prevention department.

If, for any reason, the purchase you purchased isn’t delivered or damaged during the shipping process. Based on your preference, we’ll send you a replacement or provide you with a full refund. If you receive an incomplete order, we’ll offer you a complete reimbursement; you’ll only charge for the item that you received.

We need 30 business days following the date the order was sent. If, after 30 business days, you haven’t received your order or any notice that your order was held or returned to the shipper. Contact us. Therefore, we will take action at your request promptly.

The customer can cancel an order for up to 30 minutes following an order has been placed. To cancel an order, go to My Account and lookup Orders Processing. A Cancel button that has a countdown timer is visible on all the current order that is going through. Click on the Cancel button and choose the reason for cancellation to end the demand. Following cancellation, the charge is removed from the Orders Processing.

Cancellation cannot be assured if you cancel the order within the grace period since the order might have already deliver. If you are in that situation, consult our Return Policy.

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